• Product reference 20134

Anti-fog spray for glasses
18 ml


Applications: x60

Available in small quantities

So long, fog!

Eyewear cleaner with cleaning and anti-fog properties. An excellent choice for anyone who wears glasses and appreciates the clarity of vision. Great for colder days when entering warmer spaces.

New comfort of vision

You will find the Anti-fog spray for glasses useful in the kitchen when cooking or while driving. The quick-to-use spray forms a transparent vapour-blocking coating on the lenses. In addition, it prevents dirt from adhering. Perfect for all types of glasses.

How to apply

1Make sure the glasses are clean and free of dust or sebum
2Breathe on the glasses (from both sides)
3Spray the glasses from both sides
4Wipe with a dry and clean cloth (e.g. microfibre)
5Wait until the residual product evaporates