• Product reference 20176

Anti-fog cloth for glasses
multi-use, 3 pcs


Applications: x75

Available in large quantities

Quick anti-fog effect

Special eyewear cloths with an advanced formula combining cleaning properties with anti-fog action. Perfect in cold weather, when your glasses become fogged up when entering warm areas. The product prevents this effect thanks to a coating that repels moisture, minimising the visibility-restricting fog on your glasses.

One cloth for 25 application

These cloths will help you keep the lenses clean, ensuring less dirt accumulation. The pack contains 3 cloths and one is sufficient for approximately 25 applications. For all types of glasses, including sunglasses. Not suitable for swimming or diving glasses.

How to apply

1Breathe on the glasses (from both sides),
2Polish the resulting fog with the cloth for about 15 seconds, until perfect clarity is achieved,
3If the effect is not sufficiently powerful, repeat the process. Do not use the cloth on a wet surface.