• Product reference 20192

Anti-fog gel for glasses
10 g


Applications: x100

Available in large quantities

A revolution on your glasses' lenses

A revolutionary anti-fog agent for glasses in the form of a dual-action gel. Effectively removes everyday dirt and leaves an invisible film that stops the glasses from fogging up. The anti-fog gel will be appreciated by anyone who values clean glasses and perfect clarity in all conditions.

Outstanding performance

The anti-fog effect will be appreciated in the kitchen when cooking, in a car or during the winter period, when we often enter warm areas. One pack of gel is enough for around 100 pairs of glasses. For most types of glasses. Not suitable for sunglasses, swimming goggles, diving goggles or helmet visors.

How to apply

1Make sure the glasses are clean and free of dust or sebum
2Unscrew the cap and apply a drop of gel to both sides of glasses
3Using a cloth or tissue, spread the product evenly over the lenses and wait about 1 minute
4With fast strokes, polish the glasses with a dry and clean cloth (e.g. microfibre) until perfect clarity is achieved