• Product reference 20211

Japanese eyewear cloth


Available in large quantities

Superior quality cloth

A high-quality, gentle eyewear cloth made of long and ultra-fine microfibres. Removes everyday dirt instantly and without the need for water or strong cleaners, with no streaks or reflections left on the surface. Perfect for cleaning any smooth surface.

Convenient and effective

You will appreciate its effectiveness on glass, plastic lenses, helmet visors, LCD screens or smartphones. Thanks to its unique packaging – a ziplock bag – the cloth is always at your disposal, and when it gets dirty, simply wash it in a neutral detergent. Size: 14x14 cm (5x5 in.)

How to apply

1Make sure there are no particles on the glasses that could scratch them (e.g. sand)
2Gently clean the surface. Do not use water or detergents
3Fold the cloth and seal it tightly in the bag. To avoid mould, never put a damp cloth in the bag
4When the cloth gets dirty, wash it with neutral detergent (don't use softeners or bleach) and then dry it

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