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Shampoo for glasses Floral
innovative shampoo for glasses with floral scent, 200 ml


Applications: x120

Available in large quantities

Glasses clean as never before

With Soft99 glasses shampoo, you can forget about using washing up liquid to clean your glasses! The gentle, fluffy foam of the shampoo is hypoallergenic, yet extremely effective in removing microorganisms, dirt or fingerprints that effectively impede comfortable eyewear use. Get rid of the problem in just a few moments, tackling both dirty glasses or frames at once..

The Japanese way to comfortable seeing

The shampoo will reach every nook and cranny of your frames, refreshing them and giving them a super-pleasant floral scent, without creating any sticky effect afterwards. It's the perfect way for the whole family to have their glasses cleaned, as the product has a neutral pH and is safe for human skin. You will also love our shampoo in versions with other scents: mint and mint-berry..

How to apply

1Spray the shampoo on the glasses
2If your glasses are very dirty, aid the cleaning by spreading the foam with your fingers
3Rinse under running warm water
4Dry the glasses with a dry and clean cloth (e.g. a microfibre one)

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