• Product reference 20203

Shampoo for glasses Aqua Mint
innovative shampoo for glasses with a mint scent, 200 ml


Applications: x120

Available in large quantities

The only such shampoo for glasses

With its safe, hypoallergenic, pH-neutral formula, you will quickly fall in love with daily eyewear care. The thorough cleaning of glasses and frames is achieved thanks to the non-invasive, dense foam, ruthlessly removing bacteria, sebum and other everyday dirt that collects on glasses. It's that simple!

The safe way to clean glasses

The cleaning agent used in the shampoo is completely safe for your hands or facial skin, so you can also successfully use the shampoo to clean children's glasses. Washing takes just a few seconds and the fresh mint fragrance makes the cleaning process even more pleasant. Also available in mint-berry and floral fragrances.

How to apply

1Spray the shampoo on the glasses
2If your glasses are very dirty, aid the cleaning by spreading the foam with your fingers
3Rinse under running warm water
4Dry the glasses with a dry and clean cloth (e.g. a microfibre one)

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