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Shampoo Refill Minty Berry
refill package for shampoo with a mint - berry scent, 160 ml


Available in large quantities

Convenient refill pack

Barely have anything left in the bottle of your mint and berry eyeglass shampoo? No problem! Easy-to-use refill packs of eyewear shampoo will save you time and money. In addition, by buying them, you reduce the generation of plastic waste while also being able to check out other fragrance variants. Refill packs are also available in mint and floral fragrances.

How to apply

1Prepare the shampoo bottle by unscrewing the atomizer
2Use scissors to cut the end of the refill pack where the dotted lines are marked
3Carefully pour the contents of the refill pack into the shampoo bottle
4Screw the atomizer back onto the shampoo bottle
5If there is shampoo left in the refill pack, use a clamp or clip to close the pack tightly

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