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Complex Glasses Care Set


Available in small quantities

Comprehensive glasses care kit

Love clean, fog-free glasses? You'll love our kit! At Soft99 Glasses Care, we have prepared the largest set of cleaning and anti-fog products on the market! Try our unique effervescent eyeglass cleaning tablets, anti-fog gel and spray, a high-quality Japanese eyewear cloth and a unique shampoo for glasses, along with a refill pack. Fresh and thoroughly cleaned glasses and frames are at your fingertips!

The kit consists of the following products:

Shampoo for glasses with floral scent, 200 ml

Japanese eyewear cloth

Anti-fog gel for glasses, 10 g

Shampoo Refill Floral, 160 ml

Effervescent tablets for cleaning glasses, 24 pcs

Cleaning spray for glasses, 18 ml